Treating coughs naturally

As a Mom of 5 children I have seen a lot of coughs. We do not give over the counter cough medicine or have we ever had to treat a cough with antibiotics.  We have had great success in treating coughs with natural medicine. Essential oils are highly effective in treating all types of  coughs and bring great relief.

A cough is a reflex action of the bronchi (air passage) which is designed to clear these passages of obstructions such as dust, pollen, or excessive mucus.  A cough is useful and should not be suppressed.   Aiding the cough in becoming productive by loosening the mucus and to soothe the throat and bronchi are some main benefits of using essential oils.  Also by using essential oils that are anti-bacterial and anti-viral they attack the root of the problem.

Before I became a Young Living distributor we had to buy a lot of different essential oils to combat different types of coughs. The blends that Young Living offers make it extremely easy to treat coughs because they take the best oils and put them into one bottle as a blend! Some of our favorite essential oils to use  in the past  have been eucalyptus, marjoram, rosemary, hyssop, lemon, and frankincense.

All of these essential oils are available in three different blends from Young Living!  The quality is also far superior to anything I have ever used so I am thrilled to have these available for my family!

The Thieves blend is awesome! Diffused in the air for 10 min it destroys 99% of airborne bacteria  So to use this in a diffuser is amazing in treating coughs because it kills germs in the air and also gets in and coats the respiratory tract with the oils.   I love this oil for coughs!  It has cinnamon, rosemary,clove, lemon, and  eucalyptus.  All highly anti-viral and anti-bacterial oils..  You can put a drop in tea with honey, put a drop in a spoonful of raw honey, rub a few drops into the chest and back diluted in a base oil such as olive oil or V-6 vegetable oil complex.  It can  be taken internally in a vegetable capsule, and also rubbed into the bottom of the feet for an extra immune boost.

The R.C. Young Living blend combines the power of three different types of eucalyptus, myrtle, spruce, peppermint, pine, lavender,marjoram, and cypress.  It is extremely comforting when applied to the chest, back, and throat diluted in a a base oil.  This is an amazing blend in opening up the breathing and bring relief!

The other blend that Young Living has to offer is highly effective in aiding coughs is Immu Power.  Containing  hyssop, ravintsara, clove, mountain savory, frankincense, cumin, cistus, oregano, and Idaho tansy.

What a wonderful natural medicine cabinet you can have so easily with Young Living essential oil blends! Praise God! In my 17 years of studying and using essential oils for natural medicine I have never used anything so effective!  It truly is cutting edge natural medicine that will benefit you and your family!  If you have any questions on how to use the oils just leave me a comment! I pray for you to have blessed health in Jesus name! Amen.

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